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GEOIZOL Company runs its activity since 1995. The GEOIZOL Company is general designer, general contractor, develops all kinds of projects, performs construction-and-assembling operations using the latest engineering and technological achievements.

The company is member of the following associations: the Russian society for soil mechanics, geotechnics and foundation engineering (ROMGGiF), International Society for Soil Mechanics and Geotechnical Engineering (ISSMGE), NP Association of builders and designers of Saint-Petersburg, the Russian Association of Restores Rosregionrestavratsiya.
The GEOIZOL Company has been certificated and recognized as a company, which complies with the requirements of international standards ISO 9001:2009. A documentary system of quality management has been introduced in the company, which system determines the processes of maintenance and management of quality at all stages of production activity from designing till commissioning of completed object.

GEOIZOL Company is one of recognized leaders the building market. Our building sites are located in the North-western region of Russia, in Karelia, Dagestan, the Far East, in Siberia, the utmost North of Russia, Tajikistan, Turkmenistan.

The basic kinds of activity of GEOIZOL Company include:

  • Construction of underground structures. Construction of underground objects using top-down method; construction of underground parkings; arrangement of deep foundation pits in immediate proximity to buildings; arrangement of protecting structures using diaphragm wall; arrangement of barrettes, testing of barrettes and piles for loading of up to 3500 tonnes; driving of sheet piling; works for strengthening of bearing capacity of foundations of the buildings located in close proximity.
  • Arrangement of all kinds of foundations. Driving of piles and execution of zero cycle works for new construction of housing, industrial facilities and bridges.
  • The whole range of geotechnical and hydraulic engineering works. Modification of soils, arrangement of anchors and micropiles GEOIZOL-MP, watertight diaphragms using the method of jet grouting; arrangement of protecting structures, all kinds of injection works.
  • Transport construction. Construction of retaining walls, foundation pilings, strengthening cementation of soils, arrangement of earth anchors, waterproofing of constructional structures, arrangement of strengthening piles, installation of bored cast-in-site piles, execution of concrete works.
  • Repairs and waterproofing of brick walls and concrete. Special drainage systems, systems for arrangement of thermal. Deformation and working concreting keys, injection methods, arrangement of anti-capillary protection, arrangement of membranes, surface waterproofing.
  • Geotechnical substantiation of new construction and evaluation of its impact on the existing building-up; monitoring of the condition of surrounding building-up during the execution of works and after completion of construction.
  • Designing.
  • Expert inspection and diagnostics of constructions using instrumentation.
GEOIZOL Company:
General director Lashkova Elena
The 1-st deputy of General Director Smolenkov Vyacheslav

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Krummelhaus Business Center
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Krummelhaus Business Center
12, Bolshaya Posadskaya,
Russia, 197046

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